Debt management in the 21st century – new software for outstanding results

I have been very successful in debt management for many years. My clients achieve quotas of more than 60% of the outstanding volume. The fact is, however, that it takes a lot of time to establish professional debt management and implement it on a daily basis.

I got to know this fact very early on, that is why I worked with various programmers to design a professional software solution several years ago. All of my experience, gained by running hundreds of thousands of cases, has gone into this technical solution.

What are the advantages of using such software?


One of the main problems in debt management is the overview and structure of debts and debtors. If many debt collection agencies still use a simple Excel list, our software solution enables a completely new dimension in debt management.

A case, once recorded, triggers an automatic process that is carried out successively by itself. Debtors receive text messages, e-mails, and letters fully automatically. Nobody is involved in collecting the debt – it happens later during the phone call in case it is necessary. Dossiers are also compiled completely automatically. We are able to handle over 700,000 cases with just 20 employees.


The innovative software also makes it possible to produce precise statistics to see how much money is owed, what the quota looks like, and at what point in the process the individual cases are. The prepared dossiers are compared with the database, and we can make a fairly precise forecast of when and how much will be repaid. This opens up completely new forms of liquidity forecasting for companies. In addition, the software can be used to identify customers who have already shown a more creative approach to payment. There is an internal scoring system for this, which evaluates the payment behavior of customers.

Debtors can be “accompanied” with the help of the software for up to 5 years so that no case is forgotten. The software knows exactly what has to be done when and from what time the case has to be submitted to the courts.

User friendliness

Each company receives individual access to this innovative software so that you can always experience complete process transparency. The software enables very precise forecasts of the results that companies can expect, based on debt management. It makes planning for the respective company easier.

In the near future, it may happen that the respective debtors have their own access to the system and can determine the agreements themselves. This also saves time, which is known to be money.


Overall, we can say that the only way to keep the costs of professional debt management low is innovative software. But not only that: The software opens up completely new dimensions of transparency, overview, scaling, and efficiency. These points are not only extremely important for every company, especially in these challenging times, they are also increasingly indispensable.

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